Embarking on Your Career Voyage with Stream Recruitment

We want our candidates to feel valued and supported every step of the way. Changing roles is a big step and can feel overwhelming. From our initial conversation to placement and onboarding, we want you to know that Stream is by your side to help you navigate the IT world. We present you with career opportunities that match your unique wants and needs.

Seamless Application

Experience a straightforward and user-friendly application process, ensuring your transition into our network is smooth and unencumbered.

Client Insight

Gain valuable insights into our client’s workplace culture, projects, and what to expect, ensuring you step into your new role with confidence and clarity.


Career Counselling

Benefit from our comprehensive career advice and guidance, ensuring you’re not just moving, but advancing in your career.


Transparent Communications

Stay informed with clear and consistent communication throughout your journey, ensuring you’re always in the loop and never in the dark.

Diverse Opportunities

Explore a variety of role options from our rich pool of opportunities, ensuring you find a position that truly aligns with your career path and aspirations.

Respect for Your Aspirations

Experience a recruitment process where your career aspirations are respected, and roles suggested are genuinely aligned with your goals.

Smooth Transition

Navigate through a seamless transition into your new role with our continual support ensuring you’re set up for success from day one.

Ongoing Support

Even after placement, our relationship continues. Benefit from ongoing support, check-ins, and career advice whenever you need it.

Genuine Conversations

Engage in meaningful dialogues with our consultants who are keen to understand not just your skills, but also your aspirations, and cultural and team preferences.

Building Long-Term Relationships

Forge a relationship with us that goes beyond your immediate job search. As your career evolves, we’ll be here to guide and support your journey through the IT landscape.

At Stream Recruitment, your career journey is paramount to us. Your aspirations, goals, and career well-being drive our efforts in presenting opportunities that are not just jobs but stepping stones to a fulfilling career. Let’s navigate the terrains of the IT industry together, ensuring your journey is fruitful, advancing, and above all, respected.