Commitment to Compliance and Legal Excellence

At Stream Recruitment, we strive to uphold paramount standards of compliance and legal integrity within the IT recruitment domain. Our recruitment process is thorough, and transparent and aligns with both statutory mandates and industry best practices.

Upholding Industry Standards

Our commitment to recruitment excellence is so important and we are therefore members of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC). This membership ensures we remain aware of industry regulations and contemporary practices so that our clients and candidates are supported with reliable service and a recruitment company with integrity.

Legal Due Diligence

We ensure that our legal team are consistently aware of regulations and law concerning the IT realm and the recruitment sphere. From data protection norms such as GDPR to intricate employment regulations, we don’t just comply, we are committed to protecting and upholding the rights and confidentiality of our partners.

Risk Management and Quality Assurance

Our expansive risk management blueprint, combined with an unyielding quality assurance mechanism, acts as our sentinel against potential legal and compliance anomalies. This forward-thinking strategy stands testament to our operational integrity, guarding the interests of each stakeholder involved.

Transparent and Ethical Practices

For Stream Recruitment, ethics and lucidity form the bedrock of our modus operandi. We champion open dialogues, presenting crystalline insights about our methodologies, policies, and the legal facets embedded within our offerings. Our overarching aim is to craft trust and nurture enduring associations with our clients and candidates.

Continual Learning and Development

In a realm where legal landscapes continually shift, our commitment to incessant learning and evolution remains undeterred. Our team is routinely equipped with enhanced legal and compliance acumen, ensuring our service delivery consistently mirrors the zenith of industry standards.

Your Trusted IT Recruitment Partner

At Stream Recruitment, compliance and legal prowess transcend mere regulatory adherence; they are the lifeblood of our mission to seamlessly connect IT luminaries with stellar opportunities. Entrust us with your recruitment aspirations and bask in the tranquillity that emerges from partnering with genuine experts.

Government Frameworks with Stream Recruitment

Dynamic Purchasing System DPS – LVPS – LIVE

At Stream Recruitment, we’re proud to announce our inclusion in the prestigious framework DPS – LVPS – RM6237. This marks a significant milestone in our commitment to providing tailored recruitment solutions in the ever-evolving IT sector in Government.

Being part of this framework underscores our dedication to offering low-cost, efficient, and straightforward recruitment services for both low and high-volume requirements. Our inclusion supports the Government’s SME policy, demonstrating our role in fostering a diverse and resilient supply chain.

Our dynamic approach to recruitment is now further enhanced with the flexibility and compliance offered by this framework. We’re geared to connect the right IT professionals with the right opportunities, ensuring a perfect match based on skills, experience, and location. This alignment with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 and Procurement Policy reaffirms our commitment to best practices and legal compliance in recruitment.

At Stream Recruitment, we’re more than just recruiters; we’re your partners in navigating the complex IT talent landscape. Discover how our inclusion in this framework can benefit your business, whether you’re seeking top IT talent or exploring your next career move in the tech world.

Work Force Solution (WFS) – Public Sector Resourcing (PSR) – LIVE

We at Stream Recruitment are excited to be part of the innovative Work Force Solutions framework, the latest development from RM3749 Public Sector Resourcing. This framework represents a transition in the realm of strategic talent engagement and management, aligning with our specialised expertise in IT recruitment and contingent labour services.

As we engage with this framework, we are focused on offering specialised IT and contingent labour services, tailor-made to meet the workforce strategies and objectives of various government organisations. Our active collaboration with the public sector and industry experts has opened up versatile paths for hiring in specialised, operational, and administrative roles.

Building upon the strong foundation of RM3749 Public Sector Resourcing, the Work Force Solutions framework empowers us to further enhance our recruitment strategy, with a particular emphasis on contingent labour channels. We are devoted to continuous improvement and providing customer-focused support, especially during pivotal legislative changes such as IR35.

Our participation in this framework allows us to leverage state-of-the-art technology and maintain the key strengths of the PSR framework, including a unified vendor management system. This system is key to offering comprehensive data across all our services, helping us to thoroughly understand our clients’ workforce needs. It enables us to efficiently utilise the service lines, ensuring we deliver optimal value and efficiency, particularly in the area of contingent labour services.

DSP – Digital Specialist Programs – TBC

At Stream Recruitment, we’re setting our sights on our next target framework: the DSP – Digital Specialist Programs Framework. This strategic initiative is designed to bolster digital transformation and capability projects within the public sector. By joining this framework, we aim to provide access to a wide array of Digital, Data, and Technology (DDaT) professionals, essential for leading comprehensive digital projects and enhancing existing teams with specialised skills.

We are focused on assisting public sector entities in revamping their services, whether it involves redesigning current offerings or innovating new solutions for users and internal teams. Utilising technology to develop new business models and revenue streams, such as mobile applications or e-commerce platforms, we are poised to be at the forefront of digital evolution. Our expertise in recruiting top-tier DDaT talent is ideally suited for projects that demand an in-depth understanding of user research, design, development, and support services.

Stream Recruitment is committed to being an integral part of the public sector’s digital journey, providing the talent and expertise necessary to navigate and thrive in the dynamically evolving digital landscape. Our next target, the DSP – Digital Specialist Programs Framework, represents our dedication to excellence and innovation in IT recruitment. Stay tuned for more updates!

Our Dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility at Stream Recruitment

At Stream Recruitment, we profoundly understand the significant influence our operations have on our clients, our team, the environment, and the communities in which we operate. That’s why we’ve ingrained corporate social responsibility (CSR) into the very fabric of our business model, ensuring that our impact is positive and lasting.

Equal Opportunities and Diversity policy

We are committed to a diverse, inclusive environment, upholding equal opportunities in every business aspect. Believing in diversity’s power, we ensure fairness and respect are daily practices, not just ideals. Join us in championing diversity and inclusivity.

Health and Safety at Work Policy

Ensuring our team’s health and safety is our top priority. We exceed expectations to create a safe workplace, actively safeguarding every individual’s well-being. Safety is not just a policy; it’s a commitment. Learn more about our comprehensive approach.

Environmental Policy

At Stream Recruitment, our dedication to environmental conservation is unwavering. We aim to reduce our ecological footprint through mindful practices of reduction, reuse, and recycling. Join our journey towards a greener, more sustainable future.

Community Engagement

Committed to giving back, we actively engage in community initiatives. Our volunteer work and support aim to create meaningful change, fostering service and solidarity. Stream Recruitment is a symbol of positive transformation, embracing integrity, responsibility, and inclusivity.